How many times do we give up right before something is about to happen?

How many times do we forget that small, consistent efforts have an incredible, compounding effect… if only we are patient enough to let it show.

I have been trying to lift myself up from a cross-seated position for 3 long months.

Not that you must do this in order to practice yoga — but it’s an important transition in my Ashtanga practice.

Despite my daily attempts, for the longest time it felt like n.o.t.h.i.n.g. was happening.

I felt my legs were way too heavy and incapable to move.

Nothing would change, nothing! 

(I had even started thinking that maybe my arms were too short and there was nothing I could do about it…)

Then, few days ago… the unexpected! 

I was enjoying the sweet sensation at the end of my practice, rolling back and forth onto my mat.

While I was about to get up, I decided to attempt the “lift up” one more time. Just for fun.


I did it!

Ceci Cross Seated Lift








I immediately thought it was just a lucky strike. And so I tried again and again… and again…

It kept happening. How was that even possible?

The nervous laugh slowly gave way to a tiny tear of gratitude for my practice. I knew it was a privilege —  I had been introduced to something so special.

Yes, obviously, the physical part of the practice is nothing but a fraction of the whole journey… But even that is helping me discover how I can live my life off the mat — with peaceful determination.

Whatever it is you are doing, next time you feel stuck — keep trying.

Small, consistent efforts are The Key, even if it feels like nothing is moving. I promise you are one step away from something truly powerful.

Don’t give up!