Lately, yoga seems to be less about its teachings, its wisdom, and letting go of desires of perfection…

And more about entertainment and finding ways to prove your “authenticity” of being a yogi.

Browse through any popular yoga magazine or website and you’ll see they’re filled with advertisements of sexy men and women. Even all over social media — namely Instagram and Facebook – you’ll find endless “selfies” of yogis doing advanced poses, in a race to get as many likes as possible.

There’s nothing really wrong with that if it weren’t for how there’s so much false advertising about yoga, so much misunderstanding of the true practice of yoga, regardless of what level you are.

As a result, we build up impenetrable insecurities, which falsely constructs beliefs and expectations that you have to do fancy poses and handstands, or be super athletic to be a real yogi.


Intricate arm balances and inversions were not the original intentions of a daily yoga practice. The founders of yoga certainly weren’t trying to achieve a perfect handstand. Their intention was yoga for mind, body, and soul — for wisdom to arise to see the true nature of their very being, and to use this knowledge to deepen their lives with compassion and mindfulness.

So let’s shift our mindset about this and focus on what the true essence of the practice is, who a real yogi is.

Let’s accept ourselves for exactly who we are.

Let’s move towards selfless teachings of yoga and embrace yoga for the deep wisdom that it has to offer.

Let’s re-align ourselves to the original motive of what this practice truly means, in which asana is only a small part — to live a completely, balanced, liberated, self-loving, and compassionate life. No need to be perfect, or do any asana absolutely impeccably, but to practice yoga’s teachings in daily life.

And if you’re new to yoga, know that it’s not about being able to stand on your head or to do cool, bendy poses, it’s about creating a balanced life both on and off the mat.

Remember to take it slow. Check out Zenward if you want to start or continue your yoga practice holistically, safely, and comfortably. In fact, let’s practice together. See you on the mat! 🙂