When my teacher asked me, “Cecilia, do you usually do any harm?” I wasn’t sure whether to feel more puzzled or annoyed. 

Then it hit me. I was definitely hurting someone. And that someone was ME!

Think about it for a second….

How do you treat your mind?

Do you often judge and criticise yourself for no reason?

Do you often diminish your own worth?

From today till next week, try and be gentle with your own thoughts. Remember you are doing your best.

Don’t be too harsh with yourself.

Every time you find your brain entering poisonous thinking patterns, ask yourself: “does this thought actually serve me well in any way?”

If the answer is NO, then just let it go. 

Remember, the way you treat yourself, sets the standard for others 🙂

Did this little shift in mindset make a difference in your week?

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