Calling all yoga teachers whose hearts are as massive as their talents…

Zenward is looking for yoga instructors who want to make an impact on our yoga community.

But not just any type of yoga instructors.

In fact, we’re looking for a yoga Ambassadors who can bring invaluable knowledge and experience to our Zenward community. Instructors who are committed to developing themselves and to helping others:

Yoga teachers who LIVE by the principles of their practice. 

Who understand the POWER of yoga on, and off, the mat.

Who breathe yoga day in and day out, and would always want to talk about yoga with family and friends… If only they listened 🙂

To create a space for yoga teachers with their individual specialties to contribute to a wider yoga community.

A place where they could put their experience to service thousands of yogis and yoginis who are looking for some trusted guidance in this crowded — and sometimes overwhelming — world of yoga.

See at Zenward, we believe that True Yoga is about how you feel about yourself – your spirit, your mind, your body, no matter who you are, where you are, or what you’re doing in life.

We believe that yoga is for everyone with their own individual journeys, but they come together to share their learnings, support, inspire and pick each other up. A diverse community of individuals that form The School of True Yoga.

We believe in the power of UNION. The very same word, “yoga,” means union between our outer and inner world, through the breath.

But it’s not just about practicing yoga. When we live by that principle, when we breathe that principle day in and day out, we know that one of the most important ways to contribute to the awakening of more people through yoga comes from collaboration.

From finding synergies and combining efforts, we can collaborate in spreading the love for this practice.

Which is why we are opening up selections to become an Ambassador for Zenward.


What does this mean?

As a Zenward Ambassador, you would enjoy the benefits of:

  • Connecting with an active community of eagerly dedicated yogis
  • Instructing, guiding and influencing individuals’ Yoga practice and assisting them in their personal growth journey
  • Connecting with other fellow qualified instructors across the world, generating new ideas, collaborating and innovating on best practices
  • Promoting your expertise in your area of greatest contribution to positively impact people and lovingly spread your message across nations.
  • Growing you exposure in the World-Wide Yoga Community.

Where Will All This Happen?

Meet Zenward Cafe on Tribelearn.

Tribelearn connects Yogis and Yoginis around the world on a peer to peer platform so you can learn from people with the same passions as you, no matter where they are or whether they are a beginner or experienced yogi.

Zenward Cafe is Zenward’s very own Tribelearn channel where we empower our Zenward customers to share ideas, provide guidance, and support each other while promoting best practices and updating each other on the latest Yoga innovations and success stories — whether you are a student or a teacher.

With that principle in mind, we created an incredible space for YOU to contribute as an Ambassador.


Zenward Cafe connects Yogis around the world so you can learn from each other, share ideas, form huddles and collections of useful content, and receive guidance from qualified instructors catered to your needs.

Become A Zenward Yoga Ambassador Today

Yoga is a big world and each and every one of us — as teachers and as students  — can contribute in a different way based on our background, skillset, knowledge, and experience.

Sounds exciting? 

If you’re a yoga instructor and you want to become a Zenward Yoga Ambassador, Click Here or on the button below. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions.

Looking forward to sharing your work with our Tribe at Zenward.
To your brightest light,
— Cecilia