I am so grateful to be a woman who is able to form her own identity, design her own lifestyle and values, speaks her mind, and continuously and freely evolve to become a better person.

Despite being in what many would consider the most international and progressive of environments, as women, we do still face inequality and discrimination in our times, and constant denials of our right to our own identity, personality, and self-worth by society and other surroundings.

So I want to pass on eight guidelines that I live by that has helped me throughout my growth and self-love as a woman, tips that I hope will help any woman who reads this to celebrate her independence and self-respect, and to grow into a woman who truly loves herself fully.

8 Guidelines To Follow For Self-Love & Independence

1. One day, you may be told that you’re ugly. But don’t believe it.

Real beauty comes from that flame deep inside you, that flame you only have the power to keep alive from within.

2. One day someone may tell you that you need to be perfect. Don’t believe them.

Your imperfections make you who you are — UNIQUE. Perfect is essentially a non-existent and subjective concept of what should be ideal. Your imperfections make you the unique individual you are.

“Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.”  — William Shakespeare

3. One day someone may break your heart. Don’t you worry.

Soon it might turn out to be the best thing that could ever happen to you. 

4. Today and every day, remember you are beautiful, exactly as you are right now. 

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what size your clothes are. Fear not of being yourself, because there isn’t a woman more beautiful than a woman who’s not afraid to show the world who she really is.

5. When you want something, move towards it with courage.

Don’t be discouraged if someone says you can’t get there, or you won’t get there. Whether you will hit your goal or not, every step of your journey will help you grow.

6. Don’t ever feel ashamed of crying.

A strong woman is one who isn’t afraid of showing her vulnerability. Emotion breeds action. 

7. Always remember to laugh.

Laugh as much as you can, until you can’t breathe anymore. It doesn’t matter how you see yourself in the mirror — your smile is the most beautiful curve of your body, the most beautiful makeup you can wear on your face, and… it’s ageless. 

And finally….

8. Don’t forget that every moment is a choice.

Life is endless about transformation. Don’t let a wrong choice convince you’re wrong.

All you need to do is to tweak your aim on your next one. 

To every single woman fighting every day to create a beautiful life, my love, respect, and adoration goes out to you.

Happy International Women’s Day! <3

— Cecilia
Host & Co-Founder
Zenward by Mindvalley

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