My first ever yoga teacher, my dad, once told me: 

“Doing yoga just for the physical benefits, is like owning a mansion, and living with your entire family all cramped up in one little room, on the ground floor. You gotta stop caring about how yoga makes you look. 

Focus on how it makes you feel. 

Then get to the root of that and open that inner window to your soul.

It will speak to you like no book, teacher or class will ever be able to.”

When you practice with full presence, even the most challenging pose will come to you (almost) effortlessly. Simply because you stop making the practice about it. 

Appreciate the smallest improvements and enjoy every step of the way.

Listen to your body – for real. Be mindful of your current limitations as that is the only way to overcome them.

Take yourself less seriously and just laugh at any fall backs.  

It will be exhausting at first, and frustrating. But soon it will become easier….

And soon you will realize that this is exactly how you should live your life everyday, both ON and OFF the mat.

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